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Need Help Deploying Site

Hello, I am completely new to this netlify stuff and my understanding of servers and web design is pretty basic. I am trying to deploy this website (GitHub - sadokist/ATO-Sigma-Alpha-Website at pages) and I just feel so lost on what I am supposed to do (I am not even sure if I can even run this website on here since I am using express and handlebars). It runs fine on a localhost. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


Hi @sadokist

Welcome to the Netlify community :netliconfetti:

Thanks for linking to your GitHub repo. Makes things much easier.

In simple terms, you cannot run that repo.Netlify is designed to build your site and deploy it to a CDN. You cannot run a Node server on it.

This Support Guide will help explain things in more detail.

If you have any more questions, the community is here.

So since this is a pretty simple website, if I just simplify this website down to just html pages and css would that work?


You can put your built site into your GitHub repo and still deploy that to Netlify leaving the build command empty. If your site is in the root of your repo (not a sub-directory) will push your site to the CDN ready for serving. You can also use drag and drop to deploy your site.

@sadokist In addition to what @coelmay has written, it is worth noting that your top-level HTML file must be named index.html, not main.html. If you renamed this file and uploaded it, you would see it on your website.

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