Need help addding a server to my webpage!


I’ve deployed my website with netlify and everything works fine, however, i intend to use the website as a client for my java server that i host on my raspberry pi.

I use websocket to connect to my java server, however, when i use normal ws it works locally but on deploy i get mixed content error. The problem seems to be related to https ssl, im quite new with this… Apperently i need some type of certificate to talk now between my site and my server? I can’t disable https either it seems. So how do i get the certificate so my server can connect?


Hi, @naitzabez, and welcome to the Netlify community site.

Does your site javascript make API calls to the raspberry pi? If the site is HTTPS and the API calls are not HTTPS this can lead to errors. Have you tried installing an SSL certificate to the raspberry pi hosted API?

(Note, it isn’t possible to download the SSL certificate provisioned at Netlify. You’ll need to get a different SSL certificate for the pi.)

Also, what is the URL where the error can be seen currently?

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.