Need Help About Hugo Permalink And Pagination

Dear All

I’ve read Hugo documentation and some thread here, but I still get an issue.

I want to setting my permalink to this:

Also I want to limit post from default 10 posts per page to only 6 posts per page with this pagination slug on blog:
mysite,netlify,com/blog/ <- 6 posts here
mysite,netlify,com/blog/2/ <- 6 posts here
mysite,netlify,com/blog/3/ <- 6 posts here

This is my repo:


Hi @BayuAngora, I recommend writing in where you’ll find a bigger Hugo community that can help you with these kinds of questions. Based on what you’ve said, this seems to be more of a hugo question than a Netlify CMS question. If i’m incorrect, let me know!

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Ok. I will try Thanks.