Need build time increased to 50 minutes

Can someone increase the build time on my account to 40-60 minutes because it’s killing my prod builds? I am on the pro team plan.

i’m on pro plan from yesterdat but my billing cycles start from previous date Current billing period (May 17 to Jun 17)

Hi there, @yasirhaleem :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please share your team name, as well as specify the exact time in the 40-60 window you would like? We set build timeout down to the second, so I will need to be specific when fulfilling this request.

Thank you.

Thanks for quick reply, is it possible to increase the build time for all sites, instead of one site ? so i don’t have to share the sitename

team name “yasirhaleem”

Yes, that is possible. However, I will still need an exact time request.

Please set it to 50 minutes, that should be sufficient, we can’t set it ourself ?

Hi @yasirhaleem!

Good question. At this time, these changes must be completed by a Netlify staff member. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

I have completed this request, and you should be good to go now!

Thanks a lot Hillary

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Hi Hillary,

can you please increase it to 70 minutes, on our existing hosting server it takes around 40 minutes, but its taking longer on netlify.

anyone ? we need to deploy it, you can see how many times i have tried it, but it always failed because of the TIME restrction.

hi @yasirhaleem , sorry for the delay. Time increases over 30 mins require a special process. We set your timeout to 90 minutes for now. Let us know if this doesn’t work for some reason. thanks!

Thank you perry, i hope it will work this time.

i runt he build after your message, and again it failed same message timeout, and i can’t see the log, it doesn’t take that much time 40-50 minutes are enough on our existing servers.

266 minutes already used out of 1000 minutes, by making tries.

hi there @yasirhaleem , we made another change on our end - please do try again. thanks!