Need a way to serve static content from behind auth layer

Hi everyone,

TLDR; need a way to serve static content behind auth layer.

I am making a private blog for a client using Gatsby (for it’s blazingly fast experience)

My problem is : the blog is PRIVATE!

So only her subscribers should be able to view the blog, which calls for an auth layer. There are some blog posts which are public (not more than 5 in count), but rest major chunk of them need to be subscription only.

As you can see in the diagram 1 below, only the top 2 pages are statically served, and the client only paths are more like a create-react-app application
Refer this image on Official Gatsby website :

Since the private blogs are static content, is there a way to keep them static and serve them only when the user is authenticated? ( Something like the diagram below)

Wanted to ask if Netlify Auth will take care of this in Pro subscription

I don’t know what “Netlify Auth” is and I work here; I’d use our Identity product to accomplish this:

Depends on usage (# of users) and configuration (invite only, or open registration) around how much it will cost. It works on the free plan, but usage is metered and even on the free plan may run to $99+/month if you are invite-only for more than 5 folks or open-signup for more than 1000: