"name is already taken, transeuntium.com is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones"

I am having trouble connecting my domain transeuntium.com. There is one other user on Netlify who might have the same domain name. He might have spelt it wrong. I have asked him to remove it.

In the mean time I am following the steps from this thread https://answers.netlify.com/t/support-guide-another-site-is-using-this-domain-verifying-domain-ownership-for-netlify-custom-domain/13765

I went to my domain host (gandi.net) and added the DNS record as suggested. But cannot save the text. Screenshot attached
gandhi valid ident

Can you please help me with verification? I am very new to this.

Hey @adrncl

Are you adding the verified-for-netlify record as a TXT record? The screenshot doesn’t provide a lot of information unfortunately. Have you checked the Gandi DNS record documentation?

Hi, @adrncl. Gandi offers a “Table mode” for DNS record entry and you might find that easier to use.

If you are using “Text mode” the following is likely what you will want to use:

verified-for-netlify   3600   IN   TXT   "https://answers.netlify.com/t/name-is-already-taken-transeuntium-com-is-conflicting-the-ownership-with-other-existing-zones/55874"

Would you please let us know if there are other questions and, if not, let us know when the record is created?

Hi, @luke Thank you this help and I was able to copy and paste this into the “text mode” for DNS record entry. I also verified the entry in table mode and saved sucessfully.

Now that this is in, is Netlify now able to verify my ownership of my domain and let me activate the Netlify DNS?

Thank you very much for your help. I am very new to this and feel a little overwhelmed editing and adding code.


@luke @coelmay So good news, I have successfully updated the DNS record (screen shot attached)

Now that this is complete, can I please get a confirmation so I may add my domain “transeuntium.com” to Netlify. I am very close to getting my site launched.

Hey @adrncl

You should be able to connect the domain now.

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Hi @hrishikesh Thank you I was able to connect and add the 4 “name servers” at Gandi’s external nameservers page.

However, after I did this, I now get a “this site cannot be reached message” when I type in the domain. How do I resolve this? Is this an issue with Netlify or Gandi? I believe it’s an issue with Netlify as the page seems to be forwarding from Gandi.

Hey @adrncl

Have you added transeuntium.com to Netlify DNS (under the Domains section of the UI) and set it as a custom domain on your site?

Thanks for the tip, @coelmay. We resolved this and transeuntium.com is now up and running.

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know, @adrncl. Happy building!