Name has a conflicting custom domain in another account

I have deleted from ivankf’s account, but when adding to another account, prompt: name has a conflicting custom domain in another account

Hey there, this is happening because the custom domain you’re trying to use already exists on Netlify under a different account.

Please verify domain ownership and let us know by responding here when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.


I have added verified-for-netlify to the DNS server
The following are the DNS records I need to remove from my ivankf account:

I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi @ivankf :wave:t6: ,

When I try to verify your txt record this is what I see: % host -t txt Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Can you please try adding your TXT record again?

I am not skilled in this knowledge, I have added the records to the main domain and I can access the posts via the host -t txt command.

➜  ~ host -t txt descriptive text ""

Hi @SamO

I understand what you mean, I have added two more txt records, and, and you can now get to this post with the following command

➜  ~ host -t txt descriptive text ""
➜  ~ host -t txt descriptive text ""

Hi @ivankf

Thank you for making the verification DNS record. Now that the verification is complete, please feel free to remove it anytime.

The domain has been removed from the other team. Adding the domain to your sites should be successful now. ​Please let us know if you still see errors adding the domain to your sites or DNS zones.

Hi @elden

I tried to add the subdomain but it still says::has a conflicting custom domain in another account

Hi @ivankf,

The domain has been removed from a remaining site. Someone was using

Hi @hrishikesh , @elden and @SamO

I have successfully added these two domains to the correct account now. Thank you for your help.

Hello there, I’m experiencing the same with a current domain? Any possible way to get it work on my account. I have the original domain ownership so I can do the verification for dns, please guide me further. thanks.

Hi @Saizuo

Welcome to the community! :wave:

If you are getting a message that you can’t add the domain because it is in use on another account…

That’s what we’ll need in order to remove it from the other account/site.

Or, are you trying to use the same domain across multiple accounts? What’s the domain name in question?

Hey there!
its called

, we are using it on 1 account, we had basically given this domain to someone else in past and the person has stopped replying to our mails after we decided to have access to the website and hosting. We have the main access to the domain on godaddy currently.

Hi @Saizuo,

Ok. Then it sounds like we need to remove the domain from that other site. We can do so after you prove ownership of the domain using these instructions:

Hey I’m done! Please check thank you.

@Saizuo The domain has been removed from the other site. Let me know if you still experience issues connecting it to your site.

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It works and has been already connected to the intended website, thank you again! @elden @sid.mann