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"name can't be blank, is not valid name for DNS zones"

Need help!

I just bought “joaovieira.digital” at godaddy. But when I try to add the domain in the domain tab the following error comes up:

“name can’t be blank, is not valid name for DNS zones”

This error comes up after I verify that the domain already has an owner(that’s me). Before buying at godaddy, I actually tried buying through netlify, but an “Not found” error came up(after hiting the register button). A response on a topic from this forum suggested to just buy elsewhere, so I did :joy:. Now I face this new error. Can anyone help me, please?

Welcome to the forums @jgdemattos

Are you able to post a screenshot of what you are doing when you receive this error?

I do as follows:

Thanks @jgdemattos. This is indeed strange behaviour (I can clearly see the name isn’t blank) so I am guessing the name is not valid (though not sure why.) I’ll try to get some more information for you.

I just tried to add your domain and it did work (I deleted it again.) I wonder if it was a timing thing (how long ago did you register the domain?) or if you have an extension running in your browser that could play a part?

Could you try adding it again and see if you get the same result, perhaps try a different browser.

Thank you!

I tried with Edge, but wasn’t able to login. It seems like something in my notebook is blocking some request browsers send to netlify. Could, maybe, be BitDefender.

I was able to do it from smartphone though. Later I’ll try to figure out whats wrong with my computer.

Thank you for your assistance.

Possibly. Was an issue recently a user unable to login/reset password due to BitDefender (Unable to log in or reset password - #5 by citylights).

I bought my custom domain from Dynadot.
Faced the Same Issue on my my laptop. I tried it with Incongnito aswell but got the same “name can’t be blank, is not a valid name for DNS zones” error.
I registered it with my Phone(Android) it worked fine and domain got added to the domains section on the dashbard.
Even I have BitDefender installed on my laptop but I don’t think that’s the issue.

Thank you @jgdemattos and @coelmay for you support this is a wonderful community.
:green_heart: from :india: !

Hi, @GurukiranDNayak. I did want to follow-up that BitDefender is interfering with all form submissions on our service. That fact that you had BitDefender installed makes me certain it is the cause for you as well. (This is mostly for anyone else reading this thread but please do feel free to reply.)

Oh is it so ? I’m sorry I was not certain that was the problem. I have bitdiffender installed on my PC but I wasn’t sure if that interfered with my web browser activities.

Hi, @GurukiranDNayak. I would not have been sure myself the day you reported it. I only posted this because we are now getting many reports about Bitdefender causing issues.

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Oh then definately there is something wrong that happens when one use Bitdiffender while using Netlify.
Please do let me know how can I help.