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"name can't be blank, is not valid name for DNS zones"

Need help!

I just bought “joaovieira.digital” at godaddy. But when I try to add the domain in the domain tab the following error comes up:

“name can’t be blank, is not valid name for DNS zones”

This error comes up after I verify that the domain already has an owner(that’s me). Before buying at godaddy, I actually tried buying through netlify, but an “Not found” error came up(after hiting the register button). A response on a topic from this forum suggested to just buy elsewhere, so I did :joy:. Now I face this new error. Can anyone help me, please?

Welcome to the forums @jgdemattos

Are you able to post a screenshot of what you are doing when you receive this error?

I do as follows:

Thanks @jgdemattos. This is indeed strange behaviour (I can clearly see the name isn’t blank) so I am guessing the name is not valid (though not sure why.) I’ll try to get some more information for you.

I just tried to add your domain and it did work (I deleted it again.) I wonder if it was a timing thing (how long ago did you register the domain?) or if you have an extension running in your browser that could play a part?

Could you try adding it again and see if you get the same result, perhaps try a different browser.

Thank you!

I tried with Edge, but wasn’t able to login. It seems like something in my notebook is blocking some request browsers send to netlify. Could, maybe, be BitDefender.

I was able to do it from smartphone though. Later I’ll try to figure out whats wrong with my computer.

Thank you for your assistance.

Possibly. Was an issue recently a user unable to login/reset password due to BitDefender (Unable to log in or reset password - #5 by citylights).

I bought my custom domain from Dynadot.
Faced the Same Issue on my my laptop. I tried it with Incongnito aswell but got the same “name can’t be blank, is not a valid name for DNS zones” error.
I registered it with my Phone(Android) it worked fine and domain got added to the domains section on the dashbard.
Even I have BitDefender installed on my laptop but I don’t think that’s the issue.

Thank you @jgdemattos and @coelmay for you support this is a wonderful community.
:green_heart: from :india: !