Name already taken, domain conflicting with ownership with other existing zones

I’m getting the error name is already taken, is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones when trying to add my new domain to Netlify, and no I’ve got no other account which makes this… weird. Aaaanyhow, I’d appreciate if you could remove it from the other existing zone.
(already followed the steps in [Support Guide] Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain - Support / Support Guides - Netlify Support Forums so the TXT DNS record should be there soon)

Thanks in advance!

hi @nocategory , please let us know when the verification record is in place, and also which custom domain this is regarding to speed things up! thanks.

Alright! Seems like it has propagated now (from the multiple websites I’ve checked).
The domain is “”

hey @nocategory - we have completed the verification - you should be able to use that domain now. Let us know if this doesn’t work still!