Name a collection child

I’d like to be able to set (or at least only show one item as the name of the child of the collection:

My .yml file looks like this:

- label: "Online Services"
    name: "online-service"
    label_singular: "Online service"
    description: "Add service recordings to the website"
    format: "json"
    extension: "json"
    create: true
    folder: "_online-services/"
    identifier_field: "service"
    slug: "services-{{year}}-{{month}}-{{day}}"
      - label: "Service"
        name: "service"
        widget: "list"
        - { label: "Sermon title", name: "title", widget: "string", hint: "Name to be displayed as link"}
        - { label: "Sermon date", name: "sermondate", widget: "datetime" }
        - { label: "Preacher", name: "preacher", widget: "string", default: "Mark Davison" }
        - { label: "URL", name: "url", widget: "string", hint: "Full path to .mp3 file"}

Is this possible? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @martin.m.riley, you should be able to do it via the summary configuration:

summary: '{{fields.service[0].title}}'

Thanks @erez - that works perfectly - thanks for pointing that out :smiley:

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Cool :slight_smile: Nice to see that it is working and thank you for reporting back!