i finished deploying but it’s not showing the temperature and city name…how to correct it
and my output on vscode is proper but not after deploying y??
I need advice to debug deploy

Probably because of these issues:

thank you but how would i correct it…could u suggest me…plz

The error tells it very clearly. Any content that can’t be loaded over HTTPS for a webpage that uses HTTPS would be blocked by browser. Now, you can’t disable HTTPs for your Netlify website. So, you’d have to look if the API that you’re using provides a HTTPS version or no. If yes, use that, if not, use a different API provider.

The second error is something wrong with one of your JavaScript files. Maybe, because of the API being blocked. Try changing the API first to see if that fixes that issue too.

Last error says that you’ve declared an image in your manifest that’s not a valid image file. Change the image.

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okay i’ll try to correct it. ty