Mysterious Redirect on /blog

Problem: I am not able to decipher why page is broken/redirected to a version of my old site which doesn’t exist anymore.
Github repo:, the old repo was deleted to make sure this doesn’t happen.
Domain provider: GoDaddy
Site Type: Hugo Static Site

I am not sure how to debug this or resolve this issue. and /about work as expected.

@nehiljain I don’t understand what you’re looking at, but I can see that you have a bunch of hard-coded links to your GitHub repository in the code to the /blog page. They probably aren’t doing you any favors.

I am not able to find the hard-coded links to the Github page

There is something obvious I am missing here. :no_mouth:

@nehiljain From


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
<meta property="og:url" content=""/>
"url" : "",

Missing files:

  • font-awesome.min.css
  • github.min.css
  • style.min.css

@gregraven Sorry, the question is why is rendering that page? This code doesn’t exist and I have a suspicion that there is some sort of caching happening in Netlify.

Are you saying that when you download the ZIP file with your deployed files that there is no /blog or /blog.html or /blog/index.html?

hi there,

i’m not 100% sure I quite get it yet, but, if you were expecting your Netlify site to get deleted because you deleted your repo, then that won’t work.

Why? Well, the way Netlify works is that it takes your repo, runs your build commands (in most cases this means generating a static site) and then pushes the generated code our to each CDN node worldwide. Those CDN nodes are all synced up so that each one serves the same content, but ostensibly they are all “copies” of the same set of files that get generated on build.

When you delete your repo, or change the content in some other way, this does not automatically mean changes happen on each CDN node (that’s what continuous integration is for, but we don’t delete a whole site via CI as it is too complicated and dangerous)

The only way to delete a site is to either a.) delete it via the UI (which then sends a delete command, if you will, to each CDN node and removes the content) or, b.) change the content of the repo, and then issue a deploy. If you delete all the files from the repo, and then issue an “empty” deploy, your netlify site name would be preserved but you’d have an empty site basically. Not sure that’s what you want, but, maybe this helps to clear up why your site is “still there” even though it got deleted.