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My website isn't showing up

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

I’m creating this topic because I deployed my website on the 26 of August. However, I still have this result after 3 days :

I used the drag and drop on netlify, bought my domain name and changed it one time (I read on this website that it can add 1 day to the process of the deployment).

Because I bought my domain name, my website isn’t written like —.netlify.app. You can find my website at the following adress: www.quentinroudier.com.

Thank you for your help.

Welcome to the forum @Qr123456

Every site deployed on Netlify has a <site-name>.netlify.app address. You can add a custom domain (e.g. www.quentinroudier.com, but you will still have a .netlify.app domain too.

In the Netlify UI under Sites, you will see your site name e.g. sad-tesla-31c18c in the image below.

Looking at Zoho Toolkit for quentinroudier.com shows there is no active DNS records which is why your site is inaccessible using this domain.

The Custom Domain documentation shows you how to configure your domain if you are using Netlify DNS, or external DNS.

You might also find the following support guides helpful

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Thank you for your answer, it helped me a lot to understand more the environnent.
After following some tutorials, that’s what netlify is saying about my website :

I guess I’ll have now to wait some days (like 2 as I days saw on other posts) to see the result.

I’ll keep you updated.

Thank you again

EDIT: It works, no I’m facing other problems haha. But I’ll try to solve them by myself that time. Thank you.

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