My website is not showing in google search

I want to show my website on google search I have it on ‘’
but when I type “Ayan Nagori || front end developer” which is my title tag
it is a static website with continous integration using github
project link GitHub - Ayannagori07/ayannagori-portfolio

Hey @Ayannagori07

The deployment method (git, drag and drop, CLI, API) has no impact on how (or if) Google (or any other search engine) sees your site. What does impact this is whether any of the search engines have crawled it yet.

When did you first publish your site? Have you requested Google to crawl/index your site? Does your site link to, and is it linked from, a number of other sites? These (as I understand it) are things that can impact when (or if) your site is indexed/crawled.

If you have only just published your site, likely it is unknown to anyone else (or at least only the people you have told about it) and so unlikely that a search engine will know about it.

If you would like to increase the chances of your site appearing in searches, you might have a read through this article