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My Website is not opening


I deployed my new website on https://trusting-agnesi-dd25a1.netlify.app. But it is not opening.

I tried to follow these instructions https://answers.netlify.com/t/support-guide-i-ve-deployed-my-site-but-i-still-see-page-not-found/125 and made sure that index.html is at the root of deployed folder so I am not sure what is the issue. Can somebody help me with this.

Welcome to the forums @nikhil_uniqubic

I visited your site and it is loading. I assume you found the solution.

Yes, Found the solution. Thanks

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Hey there, @nikhil_uniqubic :wave: so glad you found a solution! Feel free to share it here as well so that Forums members who encounter a similar situation can learn from your problem solving.