My website is loading very slowly

Netlify is taking forever (> 2 seconds) to load a 700kb object for a react app

the resource is at:

My website is
Which redirects from
Right now I have a static website (which later will be dynamic) which is taking forever to load!

Are the slow loads apparent on the domain, or only your custom domain?

Do you have any x-nf-request-ids for these slow loads?

Two possibilities:

  • If the slow loads are only visible on your custom domain, you may have non-optimal DNS config (just checked, this isn’t the case – you have a CNAME record for codeinplace which is best practice)
  • The asset has not yet been cached on the node which you requested it from; we have dozens of nodes in dozens of regions around the globe and, if your request is handled by a node which hasn’t cached the file, it’ll need to:
    • Return to our origin to request the asset
    • Asset is sent from origin to the node, uncompressed
    • Node will compress the asset
    • Respond to the user with the asset

Cache hit rate can be improved when files aren’t hashed. Different file name, different file; it will need caching again. But, we can confirm this with an x-nf-request-id.

I hope this helps!