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My web page works on mobile network, but does not work on my home network

Hello folks,

just deployed my webpage on Netlify and connected it with google domain. Deployed version from Netlify works fine, but my actuall adress www does not work on every network or pc. It works on my pc that I am typing now on Firefox, if I open it on Chrome it say " This site can’t be reached" , it works on my laptop, but it does not work on my wife MacBooks and we are connected on the same network. Also it works on all mobile phones, but only if you use LTE, 4g, 5g network. If you are connected on any kind of WIFI it does not work.

Is there anyone who might know what could be a problem for this?

Thanks a lot folks.

Hi @vojaso82

It sounds like a local caching of DNS, either on your computer(s) or network infrastructure, especially given you say it works in cellular but not WiFi.

Can you provide the name of your site?

Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

It does not work on any regular network, not just at my home, I asked friends to try as well. It works only over the phone with LTE.

I am able to access your site.

DNS propagation appears complete (see DNS Checker.) As I mentioned previously, this is a localised DNS issue (likely at the network level if others are unable to connect also.)

But I was not working like 15 min ago…Did you do something to fix it or it was just working when you tried to access it?

I was thinking maybe this is happening when I push some new changes to the page, to update something or fix bugs?

All I did was copy and paste your URL into Chrome and it loaded it.

Pushing changes to your site won’t change the DNS.

Any advice what should I do to prevent this to happens again?

There’s nothing you can do to speed up DNS propagation - you will have to wait.

What if I change domain from google to godaddy for example? Would that have any effect?

Not really. Since the domain was working correctly on a few devices, it has to do something with the local configuration rather than the DNS provider’s configuration.

Thanks a lot for a help guys, I really appreciate it.