My team has been suspended

I have selected starter plan , how do I resolve this :confused: . I dont want to add my credit card!!!

Netlify’s Starter plan is generous, but when it’s limits are hit, you are automatically charged for the upgrade. This happens when you do have a card on file. When you don’t, you get a grace period, but if you fail to pay within it, your team would be suspended and it seems like this is what has happened in your case.

I think, paying is the only option here. If you think you’ve been overcharged or something, you are definitely get this sorted out with the Support Team.

I dont think my site had crossed limits , It was made for my personal use

There are various other limits like Form submissions, or Functions. You might have crossed one of them. In any case, I think a Support Team member can get this checked for you.

Hey there, @siduck76 :wave:

Thank you for bringing this up! We have created a Helpdesk ticket for you so that you can connect directly with a Support Engineer on the matter. Stay tuned to your email!