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My Subdomain Just Directs To My Main Website!

Hey, so I made a subdomain for my domain, flappystudios.ga. The subdomain being fsgui.flappystudios.ga. I want this subdomain to go to another site I have on netlify, which is fsgui.netlify.app. This is on the same account too. I added the CNAME in the netlify DNS records for flappystudios.ga, “fsgui 3900 CNAME fsgui.netlify.app”, and I added it in my custom domains, but when I enter the subdomain url, it just takes me to my main website and not fsgui.netlify.app…

Any help would be appreciated!


Welcome to the forums @flappyfish223

You domain flappystudios.ga is using Netlify DNS. If you remove the CNAME for fsgui go to domain settings for your site and add fsgui.flappystudios.ga as a custom domain, it should automatically set up the appropriate DNS records and issue an SSL certificate.

If you have any issues or queries, do reply.

Which site are you referring to? flappystudios.ga, or FSGUI.netlify.app?

Remove the CNAME for fsgui.flappystudios.ga. Under Domain settings for fsgui.netlify.app add fsgui.flappystudios.ga as your custom domain. Your custom (sub-)domain should then look like this

Hey! Thanks for the help, that did indeed work!