My SSL has not been activated its been 3 days

My SSL has not been activated its been 3 days. I have added the Custom DNS to my hosting and also everything is fine but the when I visit my custom site it says not secure site.

@umermalik42 Have you read the troubleshooting guide that it links to?


In addition to Nathan’s suggestion to provide assistance, you’ll need to provide the domain you are having issues with.

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Yes I did everything is fine the DNS have been changes but still no SSL for my custom domain.

typesofinsurances . com

Given the domain is using Netlify DNS it would appear there is an issue in the Netlify backend. Hopefully a support engineer will assist you soon.

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Hi @umermalik42,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’ve double-checked the DNS configuration and not seeing an issue. I’ve ran a command which replicates clicking the Verify DNS configuration button and the SSL certificate has been successfully provisioned. You should be all set.

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