My site was hosted on an account earlier. I deleted the old account and changed it to new one but forgot to delete the DNS zone

Hi, I have issues with transfering my domain to another Netlify account, The Netlify Account I used is deleted and I forgot to remove the domain from Netlify DNS, and I’m trying to connect the domain in a project again but i’m getting “ or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.” error


Hi, thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Netlify support forums! You will need to set a TXT record and from there we can remove the dns zones from your deleted Netlify account.

% host -t txt
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Done, Sorry for late reply.

Is this right?

Done, the domain has been removed.

huh… still the same issue. Thanks

Hey there, sorry about that, it looks like you had some other subdomains we didn’t notice. I cleared the subdomains as well so this should be taken of. Let us know if you still have any other trouble. Thanks!

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