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My site settings stopped working. I can make no edits

All of a sudden, my netlify dashboard isn’t responding to my edits.
I was trying to add a subdomain yesterday, but I got this error.

When I try to edit my settings and press the save button, it says “Saving…” but it is not actually saving my changes.
It doesn’t work when I try change my netlify site name or domains, or connected github repo. Nothing.
I even tryed to create a new site, the same thing happens. The only thing I was able to do was delete the site or delete the subdomains.

Welcome to the forums @myJay.

Do you have BitDefender installed on your computer by any chance?

I do actually. I disabled BitDefender and now it works just fine.

Thanks for confirming that. Glad you are able to get things done now.

There are some issues with BitDefender blocking Netlify at the moment. Netlify are looking into the what is happening.

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