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My site is showing wordpress version in custom domain but everything is fine subdomain

The site is a Vue app deployed by gitlab. It was showing correctly a couple hours before the last push in custom domain. I set the name servers and dns earlier and netlify tells me everything with them is in netlify.

The custom domain showing old version https://fotourbana.org/
Netlify subdomain showing right version (build preview shows correctly too) https://fotourbana.netlify.app/

PD; I had to make a workaround in my own server loading a dist folder in repository and pointing the domain to this folder bc client have an event tomorrow and the need to publish inmediatly, but otherwise netlify still showing old site. Thanks in advance

Both your websites are loading the exact same content for me. Is it possible it’s some local caching issue? Did you try on different devices/browsers/networks?

If there’s a specific thing that’s old on the custom domain, you could point us to that.

I check and currently is serving on netlify. It eas showing the same content because I made the same install in my server for the urge of my client, but otherwise showed the old wordpress installation.

The weirdest thing it is that it toook many hours for netlify to serve the content again after a push and delete caché, etc.

Thanks anyways.