My site is not showing images

I’ve set up my site from from Github Pages using the Netlify template. I’ve tried to set up my custom name but images are not showing. I presume it’s down to the assets folder or baserul, but I cannot figure what I need to change. Everything I try isn’t helping. Is it possible someone could point me in the right direction? Let me know if you need any further details?

My site looks fine at but not at and

@koltregaskes On github you have output along the lines of…


On Netlify you have output along the lines of…

So I’d imagine that due to how some of your links and asset references are specified, that your “base URL” needs to be set to an empty string.

Nothing else would make sense, so if that doesn’t work, then you may also need to change some of your links/references.

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Hey @nathanmartin thanks for the reply. As you can see from my delayed reply I don’t get much time when things go wrong. I’m looking again now. What I;ve done is reset my IONOS DNS settings to default then changed to the Netlify nameservers. I’ve unlinked my Github page, which suggests I’ve reset all settings. I am now on the “Link your site to a Git repository” page and wondering what should be the settings:

@koltregaskes I can’t answer your question, as I know very little about your project.

E.g. I only know you’re using jekyll because I can see it in your screenshot.

Just refer to the documentation here:

Ta for the quick reply. Yeah I’ve been reading all the docs. I’ve emailed support to help. I was hoping Netfliy was a solution that finally made managing a website easy. Hopefully support can help. Ta. :slight_smile:

I said this in the helpdesk as well, but your both sites appear to look the same. Has this been resolved?

I eventually fixed this myself. Not sure what it was, you can close this thread now.

Awesome thanks for confirming!