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My site has been deploying for days

Hi, ive been attempting to host a project on Netlify for a few weeks now. I am fairly new to this field so I may have made a mistake along the way but I would come back after days of waiting for it to be deployed and it would still be deploying my site. I was wondering if i was missing a step or if this is a common thing? Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the forums @OllieW

If building a site from a git repository it would generally take several minutes to build depending on the site of it, and then a few minutes (again depending on site more/less) to push to the CDN and away.

If using Drag and Drop your site is typically much smaller (and there is nothing to build) so deployment is usually much quicker than previous described.

If you navigate to the deploy you should see a button at the top that says “Cancel deploy”. You can then try deploying your site again.

Thank you for your response, I have tried both using a git repository and drag and drop. Unfortunately both haven’t worked.

I’ve also cancelled deploy around 4 times to try and refresh it but the site still is stuck on “deploying your site” with the cog animation spinning.

I’m unsure if its the files i’m using for the site as its a music player with mp3 files?

Possibly. Are you able to share a git repository?