My Site doesnt show

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all well and in health.
I am currently having a problem when I deploy my site on Netlify from Github. the site doesn’t show but it is uploaded correctly. What can cause this problem?
Could anyone help me with this? please?
here is my site link:

@sarauras1 Your page is loading, but the content isn’t there. My guess is it’s because you need to have the correct path for your assets. Currently, you have:

<script src="/My-Portfolio-Site/static/js/2.dee855ad.chunk.js"></script>

Have you tried changing your path, perhaps so that your page isn’t looking for the assets under /My-Portfolio-Site?

Hi I see what you mean
I haven’t done that.
Quick question which files are responsible for this action?

@sarauras1 There’s probably a config file or some setting somewhere in your built process that defines the path to your assets. You just need to correct that setting and rebuild your site. If you share more about your build process, one of the experts here should be able to help you locate where those settings are.

Thanks a lot
I solved it

Hey @sarauras1 would you mind explaining how you came to a solution? This would mean people who experience the same issue you had will be able to fix it quickly by looking at this thread :grinning:

I changed the homepage path to the json file and then I run npm run build locally, and then I deployed it.

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Thank you for sharing the solution! People like you make Netlify Community a great place :grinning:

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