My site does not show the changes I'm making. Please help

Hello. So, I’ve been testing the platform with a theme provided by Netlify to see how I’ll be using it to deploy the site of TCW (Train to Change the World). The problem is that I’m unable to make any changes to the theme site I’ve shared the link of. The repository is on GitHub.

It shows that the updates have been made. But, after refreshing the browser, they just don’t show up no matter what I do! Thanks.

Can you share your build settings? It seems main@HEAD is being built, instead of commits (I think it should look something like main@6895c92). Maybe try relinking your site to the repository? You can find the instructions here:

Maybe something’s not right here. I’m sure you can tell.

Some of the deploys do show the code you’ve shared; ‘main@6895c92’, but I had the same ‘not showing/ updating’ problem at that time too.

hi there, is this still a problem or were you able to resolve the issues you were facing?

Hello. Actually, I just checked and the changes are showing up now. So, it’s all good. Thank you for your response. I’ll definitely let you know if any more issues surface.

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