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My site deploys OK, but it shows a blank page


Please, help me check what is wrong with my site. It deploys ok, but it just shows a blank page.



Hi @cibusse

There are two issues here.

  1. You have duplicate files:
    You have an App.js, App.css and others in the root directory as well as in the src directory. In the root directory you only need the package.json, package-lock.json, and README.md files.

  2. Your public/index.html is incorrect
    You are linking to the React JS files (e.g. https://unpkg.com/browse/react@17.0.2/umd/react.production.min.js) which you don’t need to do as you are building a React App. You are also missing the <div id="root"></div>. You can find an example barebones create-react-app @coelmay/netlify-react-bare with the appropriate public/index.html (note you have an index.html in your src directory too, which you don’t need.)

I made these changes and was able to build you app locally.

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Thanks a lot for your help, Coel! I did what you indicated and it worked :slight_smile:

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