My response is getting formatted into another language

I am sending response in hindi (हिंदी ) from lambda server but it becomes gebrissh in the client like

I don’t know what to do.
Please help

hi there, i think we would need a little more information before we can debug. Which site is this concerning?

Actually I am just testing it in local environment using netlify lambda

It’s just a simple app which sends response to request which seems not working properly here

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A have a deep feeling this is a character encoding issue :thinking: have you tried pushing the site up to Netlify / ‘live’ yet and seeing what happens there?


Actually it shows hindi text when I put it into netlify but it’s very hard to debug by pushing code every time

If you can create a reproduction case for us, bug reports happily accepted here:

Hopefully you have something simple like a hello world that shows the problem that you could post in a bug report?