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My PWA showing page not found 404

I’ve deployed my site from GitHub. It is PWA. and it is running in the browser successfully. And when I install the pwa and open the app it shows ‘pafe not found’ & a back to home button that leads to page. Why it is showing page not found?
Pls help me.
My site: knmmadrasa.netlify.app
I recommend you to install pwa and then open from the app to see my issue.
Also there is index. html in my deploy download zip.

Hey there, @HanoonIH :wave:

I can load your website on my end without installing the PWA. This is what I see:

In addition to our Page Not Found support guide, which I encourage you to check out the comments in, there is also this thread on stack overflow that was written by the Director of Support at Netlify that debugs this issue.

If neither of those resources help, please respond with your public repo so that we can look into this further.

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@HanoonIH I’m also seeing what @hillary posted, after the appearance of a splash screen.