My page keeps breaking each time i reload

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My netlify site is

Hi @foma95

I suspect the issue here is the pathname for assets. For example

<script defer="defer" src="/Fomovie/static/js/main.445e4b63.js"></script>

shouldn’t have /Fomovie at the start. If there is a homepage value set in the package.json of the project, removing the homepage key should solve it.

I’ll check it and get back to you… Thanks

Hi @coelmay
Thanks for your help, the site is running now but i noticed i could use my search function on desktop but not on mobile phones

I tested on Firefox and Chrome on Android. It works on Firefox, not on Chrome. This is the same when directly navigating to the search URL e.g It won’t load movies on Chrome Android, but will load them on everything else. This is possibly (thinking through my fingers here) because you are navigating to /search/{search-term} rather than returning the search results to the page.

Do note too that the API Key for the The Movie DB is clearly visible in the client-side JS of your app. If you would like to keep this private (and other keys in the future) you would best move this into a serverless function

Thanks, i’ll hide the keys… but what’s the solution on the search function

I don’t know without spending time going through the codebase to see what is happening. It’s called debugging.

Can i snap and send it to you tomorrow?

Not sure what you’re trying to send @foma95, but most people here would not be able to debug your code for you. That’s something you need to do.