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My page doesnt change after updates - Service Worker

Hello everyone, I have an issue. My page is not updating even though I successfully commit my changes on Github. I need to remove caches to see updates or I need to connect via incognito mode. How can I fix that problem?

  • my app → stupefied-nobel-aa0866.netlify.app

Edit: I found out I need to update service worker in my computer. I don’t know how to fix that issue. Please help

You’d probably get more help regarding that on some programming forum than here.

But to answer your question, it depends. It depends on how you’ve configured your service worker. For example, I always write my own service worker by hand, many people choose some tools like Workbox, etc. So, when I write the code myself, I add a logic to remove old service worker and its cache when I change the service worker’s version.

If you’re finding service workers to be problematic, it’s better to remove them. Do note that, while you can remove the service worker programmatically, it doesn’t remove the service worker’s cache. You’d have to add logic to remove that as well.