My netlify website is not ranking up, even with good seo

Hey there! I have hosted a free netlify website here :

It is imported from my github repo, it has a sitemap.xml file, robots.txt, good description meta tags, good keywords meta tag, I have got A+ in SEO of this website, A on performance, and everything is good, I got overall B+ about my website, when I checked it on

It has been almost 1 week, still my website is not crawled by Google, when I search

If I use Google Search console for this, it says to log into my domain provider like godaddy, gives a TXT code to paste it in the DNS configuration of my website. But in my admin panel of netlify, there is no option to do such DNS configuration ourselves.

What shall I do? Thanks in advanced!

SEO is tricky. Technically speaking it can even be years till your website ever gets indexed even with all the tags and optimizations.

That being said, you can verify your website using a HTML file too. Just download the HTML verification file and place it in your website’s root and Google will be able to verify it.

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Hi, @shakhyar. If you want to create DNS records for your site you will need to assign it a custom domain:

Regarding getting your paged index by Google quickly, Google’s recommendation is the same as @hrishikesh. Create a webmaster account at Google and instruct them to index the page now. Again, you will need a custom domain for best results. There is more in the Google documentation about this here:

If there are other questions please reply anytime.

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I Was using domain property, but now I have used URL prefix from search console, verified my site. But it says that processing, this may take some time or a day. Guess this should work. I will reply again if it doesn’t work later

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