My Netlify site disappeared and I got a screen that said "UISP". Not sure what happened there?

My site uses Netlify to host and Cloudflare for DNS. On Monday, my website started throwing 522 and 521 errors, and after a few hours, showed a 404. Shortly after that, my homepage was replaced by a random screen – still not sure what it is. (See screenshot below). It says “UISP” and asks you to log in with a local account.

I went into Cloudflare and deleted all the DNS records, and re-added them, replacing the existing A records from Netlify with flattened CNAME records. When I did this, the site started working fine again.

Now the site is back up again, but I’m still not sure what happened, and what this screen was? I was getting nervous and wondering if I’d been hacked or something!

Does anyone have any ideas what might have happened here?

Thanks for the help in advance!


Hi @aaravam,

I’m not sure what that page is - definitely not something done by Netlify. As you mentioned, re-adding Netlify records did the trick, so I can assume, someone must have fiddled with your DNS records and pointed it to a different site.