My Netlify build is removing a necessary folder from my React app

So my netlify build is breaking my react app because it’s removing the uploads folder. If I build the react app locally, the uploads folder is still there as you can see here, but in the netlify build here, the folder is gone. As I said, this is breaking the functionality of the app, so I need to get this fixed. Any ideas on what’s causing this or how to fix it? It’s being built from this github repo if anyone want’s to look at it.

Hi, @annoying-fish, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :smiley:

I’m showing the most recent deploy of this site was successful. The directory “uploads” in the screenshot was included in the publish directory directory of the most recent successful build. From those logs:

2:54:55 PM: Starting to deploy site from 'packages/client/build'

So the build directory itself becomes the root of the site ( So the files in that subdirectory would be found at URLs like the one below:

You can confirm this by downloading the deployed site’s files using the button in the following screenshot:


When you unzip that file, you’ll see all the files included in the deploy. When I test, I do see that directory and it contents are part of that deploy. Did you resolve the issue already on your own?

​Please let us know if there are other questions or more we can do to assist.

Thanks! Had no idea you could download deploys. No, I haven’t solved my problem yet. I’m trying to use express to upload a font to the uploads folder. It’s working fine locally but breaks on Netlify. I thought this was the reason, but apparently not. Is this possible with Netlify?

hey @annoying-fish -

whether or not you can run express sort of depends on what you are trying to do.

This thread:

as well as this guide:

and this blog post:
contain some background info on what you can and cannot do with express on our platform:

If you search the forums for “express” you’ll see people have asked quite a few questions on that topic.

let us know if you have additional questions after reading through those.