My Netlify Account is not open

My Netlify account is Not open after I log in via mail but my projects are not visible. How to recover my account, So please help me!

Hi @manisrivi,

Your account has been disabled following a phishing report:


We have discovered a phishing attack located on your network:

hxxps://dreamy-tapioca-353d4e.netlify[.]app/index.html []

This attack targets our customer, Netflix, website URL

Would it be possible to have the fraudulent content, and any other associated fraudulent content, taken down as soon as you are able to?

Dear Sir / Madam,

I accept your Answer, It was My Mistake. So I remove the Netflix content, So Kindly give me my netlify account.

nope, as I already told you in the helpdesk, you’ll need to find a new web host. We are not interested in working with you further as you have already cost us substantial staff time (money) and reputation problems by posting material you did not have permission to post.

Thanks for your Information
Thanks, Your Support