My images are showing up in Large Files but are broken on the deployed site


My site is hosted on and for some reason all of my images are broken. I checked my webpack configuration and everything and cannot seem to find the problem.

I am using LFS and my files are already visible in the Large Files tab. I just don’t know if the build is corrupting my files or they are simply missing.

Hi, @adityamore. It looks like you might have already resolved this as I’m not seeing any deployed files which are not working. (I checked all images and all loaded successfully for me.)

If you do have a deployed file which isn’t working, please let us know the URL for the non-working file.

Note, I do see files listed in the Large Media tab of the site which do not load. This is because those files are were not deployed (meaning they were not in the publish directory when the deploy occurred).

All files must be published with a deploy before they will be available. There are no exceptions. Using Large Media does not change this requirement. If you do not put the file in the publish directory during a deploy, it will not be available until you do so.

In other words, just uploading the file to your repo doesn’t make it available. You must deploy the site and put that file in the publish directory before it will become available on the deployed site.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this and we will be happy to answer.

Thanks @luke! Yes the issue was resolved. I later realized that my webpack was using file loader twice on the same source files and rewriting the LFS pointer files, which would probably make it impossible for NLF to find and replace those images.

My webpack puts all the files that I am using in the publish directory automatically during the build. Hopefully if I need something to be displayed, it will already be emitted to the publish directory during the build.

Thanks! We can close this ticket!