My hugo site lost some elements after deploy?

Hi! I appreciate it that you take time to read my problem.
The home page and other page lost some html element after deploy.
(Because iam a new user,the pic will show in comment)
But after deploy,the page lost the last element, dont know why the last element missing.
My hugo code in index.html is
{{ range .Pages }}
{{if eq .Title “News”}}

  • 新闻中心2
  •           {{end}}

    {{ end }}

    Thank you for your read,if you have any solution,please tell me. Thank you !~

    sorry,i still can not put the pic,this is the code.
    It is the code in github /public/index.html

  • 新闻中心
  • 新闻中心2
  • It is the code after deploy and show in browser

  • 新闻中心
  • Our staff can’t help with your hugo code (someone else here may be able to; our staff can’t help at that level though since we are providing the service and support for free), but this may be useful in your debugging - here’s how to download a copy of what we built:

    If you download and don’t understand what was built, this article is the place to start in your debugging: