My GitHub account has been flagged and I can't download Netlify


My GitHub account has been flagged, and I can’t download Netlify. Have anyone experince the same and can help me to fix this?

I have tried to contact the support, but did not get any reply.


You will need to contact GitHub support.

Do you mean you cannot link Netlify to your GitHub account? Or you are unable to install the Netlify CLI package?

I already contacted GitHub support several times, but I don’t get any reply so thought I might ask here. I can’t link Netlify to my GitHub because it’s flagged it says that “you are marked as spam, and therefore cannot authorize a third party application”. So strange…

There is nothing Netlify or the community can do in relation to your GitHub account. This is entirely up to GitHub.

When you have access to GitHub, if you have any issues connecting the Netlify app, by all means open a new topic here.

The support forum is designed to assist in troubleshooting Netlify-specifc issues which this is not.

Ok, thanks anyway! :slight_smile: