My domain won't work for my netlify site. Page not found

I’ve been trying to get my domain to go live with my netlify site since 9pm last night. The build was a success but not even the preview works.

Hi there, @jacobolenick :wave:

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Community!

I took a look at our hosts file and it looks like your domain name is in fact syncing up with our IP addresses. This leads me to believe that you may be encountering this error as a result of missing an index.html. Here is a support guide that outlines this issue in more detail!

Let us know if this is helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have an index.html because it’s a nextjs app

@hillary Its a nextjs app. So I use index.js not index.html

hi @jacobolenick ,

the index.js still needs to be defined as an entrypoint file somewhere, usually this happens in an index.html for any js based app.

@perry we use JSX with react. There is no index.html file

the index.js file acts as the index.html file

You’ll have to install the Next plugin on your site- you can do that by logging in and going to, and here’s where the logic lives if you’re curious :slight_smile:
GitHub - netlify/netlify-plugin-nextjs: A build plugin to integrate Next.js seamlessly with Netlify (currently in beta)

Hey @jen I have them installed already. Not too sure whats going on with it.

The index.js file is generally used while building the website and not when publishing it.

In NextJS, the build command is usually next build && next generate which will export the required index.html in the dist folder. If it doesn’t I can try taking a look at your repo.