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My_domain is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones

Hello there

On March 10 we decided to move our website from one account to another. It was originally hosted on our freelance’s account and that lasted for too long.
First, I deployed it on our account, then she deleted the domain from her account, and finally I tried registering the domain on our account. It’s then that we first received the error ... is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones.
We first thought it was a propagation thing internally to Netlify and gave it some time. But on the morning next day it was still blocking and still does.
We decided to move backward (put back hosting on her account) as a quick solution, so she tried to add the domain back to her list of registered domains but she gets the same error.

DNS records on our provider (OVH) are all cleared-up.
The domain is welii.io
We want to add the domain for https://cranky-noyce-03ddf8.netlify.app/

In the meantime, as a dirty & temporary hack, I created a 302 redirect to this URL.

We sent several emails through the contact form and got no answers. This has taken way too much time already.
What did we miss? What other information do you need to resolve this?
It has a really bad impact on our image.

Hey there, this is happening because the custom domain you’re trying to use already exists on Netlify under a different account.

If you have some idea of who might be using the domain (maybe a previous collaborator or an agency you’ve worked with in the past?), the quickest way to get this resolved is for you to contact that person directly and ask them to remove the domain from their account here:

Netlify App > “Options” dropdown > “Remove domain”

If you’re not sure, please verify domain ownership and let us know by responding here when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.

Hello perry,

I am jgburet’s collaborator who used at first the welii.io DNS.

I’ve already removed the welii.io DNS from my Netlify website, two days ago. If I follow your instructions (Netlify App > “Options” dropdown > “Remove domain”), I can’t see the “Remove domain” button, just the “Add or register domain” button.

Could you please check that it was successfully removed from my Netlify website :

  • Site’s name: welii-website
  • Owner: roxanemace

We need our website to be available as soon as possible, so I would be grateful for any information you could provide.

Thanks a lot.


What you haven’t removed i the DNS Zone in your ‘lorpydev’ account. Our service does not support sharing domains across accounts, and the welii-website is in the ‘roxanemace’ account.

Your options are:

  1. put the welii-website site in the lorpydev account, then you can use the name on the site in the same team.
  2. remove the DNS Zone from the lorpydev account, then you can use the name on the site in any team. This is the better plan, since the DNS is not hosted here. The lorpydev team owner can do this here: Netlify App

Hopefully one of you is, or knows the owner of that lorpydev team since that is who will need to unblock you?

Hello Fool ,
thanks for your help.

We don’t know lorpydev so we can’t delete it from there.
We know you don’t support sharing domains accorss accounts, that’s why @roxanemace deleted it before I tried to add it.

Following @jen 's email discussion with @roxanemace , I completed the steps described in [Support Guide] Verifying domain ownership for Netlify custom domain

I hope we can move forward and resolve this issue now. Don’t hesitate if you need any other proof of ownership.


Great, that record is one valid way of proving ownership!

I’ve removed the DNS settings from that other account so you should be unblocked to use your name now on a site in any Netlify account.

Please let me know if that doesn’t work!

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