My deployment remains stucked on "in process"

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and would love your help.

With Dreamweaver, I created two websites for the university.

For the first site everything is fine but for the second it does not work.

During the deployment of the second site, it remains blocked on “in progress”
note that there is a video on each site.

I deleted the video in case it was too heavy (32 MB which is correct) but it does not work

I then deployed each page one by one to see which one does not work and I found it, it is the one which has the video.

I took the codes of the page of the first site where the video is located and I replaced the video by that of the second site but the page still does not deploy

note that it’s just a page with html and css

what I don’t understand, that’s why the first site works but not the second …

I rewrote all the code of the page with the video, without the video, with the css, without the css but it does not want to deploy at all.

I know there are a lot of deployment topics but can someone please help me?

P.S: for the pages that work, after having deployed them one by one I have deployed them all in one and they work perfectly.
but the video page is missing.


hi @Matz, how are you creating a deploy? are you using drag n drop?

you may have more success with the CLI: