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My deployed website giving 404 Page Not Found on /myorders route but works on all other routes

Hi Folks,
Hope you are doing great.

Today i tried to deploy my website nifty-lalande-5c0233.netlify.app on netlify.
it shows published succesfully. but when i tryies to excees “/myorders” route it shows 404 Page Not Found and all other routes works fine.

please help me i need to make it live as soon as possible.

Hi @prateek,

You need to add the following redirect rule in the _redirects file:

/* /index.html 200

@hrishikesh . Thanks for your reply. should i do it my local code base and then re-deploy it on netlify.
because i have deployed it using build folder.

You need to add that file in the public folder → push it to GitHub → Netlify will rebuild the changes. This would be the workflow considering you’re asking Netlify to build from GitHub.

@hrishikesh i did the same. but now nothing is loading.

Hi @prateek,

I said, _redirects not _redirects.txt. The file should not have an extension.

Hi @hrishikesh it didn’t worked check the code here https://github.com/prateek-1606/E-Shop/blob/main/client/public/_redirects. can you see is there any problems in my deploy settings or in deploy details on netlify. i am stucked :sob:

Hi @prateek,

You’ve removed the publish path from here:

It should be build.

Thanks @hrishikesh man . you did it.