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My custom netlify domain name does not working from the first time, I need to reload many time to open the site!

hi there !
I registered a domain name from namecheap as follows:
then I changed the dns servers on namecheap to netlify.
everything was okay.
then I registered a new domain name from Namecheap as follows:
and I changed my name servers to netlify names but my site does not open with me from the first time now. it needs me to do so many reloads to open, even my netlify subdomain does not working here it is: hacking-technology.netlify.app
this problem for more than a month now.
any help please
thanks in advance

Hi @Hacking_Tecknology

Is the domain htch.com correct? This redirects to Hutchinson Technology Inc. (part of TDK), not Hacking Technology.

Your site loaded fine for me first time, no reloading needed. I can see from DNSChecker that Nameserver propagation is complete.
Does the issue remain if you use a different browser, different device, or different network? Are friends/colleagues facing the same issue?