My custom domain doesn't work


I created a domain on OVH and put the Netlify DNS on it. Everything is ok in the Netlify interface I guess

Si now, my website is working with my custom domain ( but only on my phone (4g).

It doesn’t work from my network (dns_probe_finished_nxdomain)

Do I have to wait still?

Thank you!

EDIT: it’s working now, i had to wait a bit more ^^

But now, i would love to add some subdomain (like but redirecting on other website (not netlify). For that i have to put back the DNS adresses from OVH, but if i do that, my main domain ( wont work anymore.

What can i do please ?

Hi, @jervalles, if the site it hosted outside of Netlify then make a CNAME or A record for that subdomain pointing to the other hosting service. The other hosting provider will tell you what DNS records are needed. Once you know what they are, please let us know if there are an issues getting them working with our DNS service.

Also, if you want to change back to the DNS service of the domain registrar (OVH), you can still use the custom domain with Netlify following these instructions:

So, there are two different solutions depending on which DNS service you want to use.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.