My CSS will not load

Hi. I have completed the first page of my Netlify website but there is an issue with loading the CSS,
my Github code for connection is


link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/" />

I have deleted the / before HTTPS:// I have also tested it out using files and it works on files(without links and file paths instead) thank you for your help! :grinning:

hi there, does this work locally?

that’d be the first thing we’d ask.

Second, when you push content to netlify, some of the paths to things like CSS you use may change.

We’d need to see the live site in order to tell you whether this is happening here :slight_smile:

Click here and for the GitHub click here.

yes, as i expected, the path to your CSS is incorrect:

i don’t know what the correct path is, but if you figure that out and change it, it should work.

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The correct path is simply /plans.css.

Also, the shortcut icon is hosted on Google Photos. Kindly note that, that URL is not static and your icon won’t work.


I have tried and the icon was uploaded as favicon.ico and does in fact work