My contact page is now just loading a blank screen

In production my contact page is just loading as a blank screen now. I have tried to revert any small recent changes but I haven’t done anything that should have effected this really.

I can’t work out how to view server logs but no console errors on this page loading.

All other pages are working. The component this page uses is even showing on homepage so can’t make sense of it. Please help.

Hi @rsheppard-dev , I checked the link you shared and there are also no errors in the console.
If possible can you share a repository for me to help with the debugging.


Sure, please if you could please help I would appreciate it.

Hi @rsheppard-dev , thanks for sharing.
So I suggest you work through the ContactSection.tsx component by commenting everything and then adding a basic text to see if it renders.
If the basic text renders you can work your way up by adding the JSX code incrementally.

Also note that if you visit the contact page and inspect the HTML, only the form is rendered in the body.
However the display property of the form is set to none.

I figured it out! I had a static contact.html in my public folder that my contact page form action was pointing to get it working with Netlify Forms. I have renamed it to contact-form.html and changed the name in the relevant places in my react code. Strange it was working before.

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