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My app doesn't update from GitHub latest deploys

Hello! My git repository is github.com/maJestic17/new-weather-app-react and my netlify website is kind-joliot-d69c4c.netlify.app and it seems like the updates were not applied since yesterday. I tried to push them manually again, but it didn’t help.
Could you please take a look?

Thank you!


Hi there, @maJestic17 :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums and thanks for reaching out! I see you posted this two days ago. Are you still encountering this issue? If so, can you share any additional debugging steps you have taken between posting and now? Thank you!


All good, thank you. My advisor gave me a hint to telling the index.css file, and it worked like a charm.

Thank you for reaching out tho!

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So glad you got everything working, and thanks for letting us know. Happy building :netliconfetti: