My account has been suspended again

There have been zero sign-ups at Netlify using that email address. If you are having login issues, it is because there is no account at all for that email address. You will need to sign-up before you can login.

Here is what I get anytime I either try to Login or signup. Please help me to check it.
Thank you

This is the screen i get whenever i want to login from Github

Hi :wave:t6: we still cannot locate the account you are referring to. What site did you create on this account?

But this is what I keep getting even if I want to sign up again. So where is the problem coming from because am really confused here

Hello, My Account Is Suspend After 2 Years Without Any Reason, My Websites Are Stuck Now, Kindly Reactivate My Account For Only 1 Day Please, I will Transfer All My Site To Another Platform. Kindly Help Me.

I can’t use the email to signup again. Its saying email already registered. Am really tired sincerely speaking

Hello @SamO , Account Is Registered With Mail “”. and one of the site deploy with Netlify is

I just created a Netlify account using GitHub, yet it gave me an authentication error, so I signed in using the Gmail, only to see that my account has been suspended. I haven’t even signed in fully, I have not even gotten the chance to see what the app looks like, yet in under 3 minutes of signing up, I got suspended.

I assumed maybe its an error on your part, so I created another account, but from Gmail signup instead (using a different email), it sent the confirmation mail, I clicked it and it told me time out, reset password. To no surprise, immediately after the reset, it suspended my account, again.

I intend to use Netlify to host my NFT minting website (dapp) like most people.

We don’t recommend hosting NFT websites on our free plan. If you’re interested, we can ask the sales team to reach out to you to discuss about our Enterprise offering.

Hello @hrishikesh , My 2 years old Account Is Suspend Without any prior notice or notification, all my running sites are stuck now, kindly reactivate my account for just one day , i will transfer all my site to another platform, Please its a humble request reactivate my account for just one day please.

Hi, @imjaink. Please don’t post in multiple topics about a single issue. I see you have a new topic for this here:

We will follow-up there.

Ok Sir, Thank you for your reply. Can you look into this for me? My work is stuck because of the deactivation of my acount, kindly reactive my acount for one day i will remove and transfer all my websites if you don’t want me on your platform. Please just this little help i need from you.


Hi @imjaink :wave:t6: , I sent a follow up to your original post here:

Please remember in the future you should not make multiple threads. We are a small but mighty team we aim to respond to folks in 4-5 business days.

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ok @SamO Thank You So much for your kind support. you are doing very good job, i appreciate your efforts.

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Since you posted copyrighted software for free download, which is against the law, we will not be unlocking your account. You will need to find a new web hosting service.

Can you explain to me which game specifically? Let us delete it on that website.

We need your platform. It is easy to use, and helps us in management. And now my IP cannot register any other account. So how to re-register?

Sorry, you didn’t seem to understand me when I said you’ll need to find a new webhost. You are not welcome here, in the old account nor a new one - we’ll block more signups from you. And, no, when you break the law, that isn’t a signal that we should spend more of our money on staff time to explain why allowing downloads of commercial software is against the law and pointing out where you did so. You’ll need to leave our service and never come back.

Hi, I have sent you a verification already please check your spam if you don’t see this.